Sunday, April 24, 2011

tour shirts? OK THEN


people is all asking us about these new shirts and we're like, yeh they're for this tour we're on and then they're like, but i want one this tour goes nowhere near me, and we're all like psssssssssh well, shame.


dun dun duhhhhhh

click here to go to our merchy store where we've put the new shirts and figured out how to do postage costs to everywhere. BUT! WAIT! there's only a few in each size cos the post office is kind of a drag, especially when we're on tour trying to be cool and that. So be quick. BUT WAIT AGAIN, we go to europe on the 2nd May, should any be left (always the kid sizes, idk why we bother) we're taking them to market in switzerland for outrageous prices (joke) so we'll delete them off the store. NOW GO. use someone elses card if you don't have the cash. they honestly won't mind.



Bea said...

Wait what? You're selling the tour shirts online now and there probably won't be any left by the time you come here where I was planning to buy one?? That doesn't make a lot of sense... oh maybe can I reserve one? Girlie, whatever, kids size, I'll buy it in Rosenheim :)

Anonymous said...

Will you have any for sale for when you come to Norwich?

Diego said...

Just to let you know, we've already deleted those downloads links from 'alternativa downloads'. :)