Thursday, July 22, 2010

all i really wanted was a (term for someone i could lean on)

ohai guise.
what you doing?

our new ep is 50% finished. well, more than that, but half the songs are like, ready to be heard by people who arent us and stuff. we're undecided if the lead off single should be a standard yay happyclap pop song (for The Radio to pick up on and make us famous) or a depressing slow song (cos The Radio pretty much ignores us whateverr, and we're all growd up and mature now)

we've also designed a new tshirt which could possibly destroy topshop. or get us sued, we're not quite sure.

and and, we've updated the merch store with some stuffs we found down the back of a broken dream. i mean sofa.
theres some old sofacore shirts, a tote bag, the eyes wide 7" and the every cloakroom 10". its all super limited, we're clearing out for NEW STUFF thats getting made in a month or so.

also, check this fucking awesome band out - fist city
i wrote them this morning all arghhhhh i love yo band, i read about you in the nme and that NEVER HAPPENS, and they wrote back straight away saying, thanks, whats the nme?
which made me crush even more.

also, in trying to find a song called american high school rock (i think) by san lorenzo, i had a total gringo day and realised that the songs on hirameka hifis myspazz are super good live recordings. also, goodbye to victories by eska is probably the greatest song ever.

k byyyyyy

Friday, July 16, 2010

cake face

hi guise

last night was fucking awesome.

thanks be to:
gareth and neil and the chaos horns for playing with us
the awesome and patient garage stage crew (worst soundcheck ever)
wichita for letting us crash their party

seriously, wichita = awesome. the first wichita release i brought was a bright eyes / her space holiday spilt single, and i can't believe that was 10 years ago. it was a total privilege to be asked to be involved and i'm sure the next ten years will be just as rad. i worked out, on average i buy almost 5 of their records a year, i can't think of any other label thats been that consistent or warrents such loyalty.

and they're cool with us using their franking machine too. legends.

anyways, it was a super rad show, cheers everyone for coming early to see us!

all the preordered copies of our super10" record have been posted out now, so, if you still havnt got yrs, give it a week to allow for postal incompetence and then bug us about it. we'll probly put the rest on th merch store at some point this week..