Monday, August 31, 2009

"i'd rather fly the sonic youth flag than wear something positive"

ive spent the day watching all of america or busted and charlie has *almost become my new hero.
im put off actually herosing him cos the first time i was around him his band were playing their debut gig in whsmiths and they closed off the computer section so i couldnt buy printer paper, and the second time his other band were playing their debut gig in my record shop and he made me go buy him towels.

but anyway yeh, its fucking awesome

has anyone else seen it?

it's an old mtv docuseries about busted's first trip to america > they want to go and play real shows with guitar bands > their label treats them as a boyband and makes them do the usual pop routine > lulz ensue.

its so tragic but so well made, it's like spinal tap only with real people.
theres an actual useless quivering out of his depth ian faith guy, a hideous desperate artie fufkin label vp, a tactless dumb girlfriend, mysterious disappearing drummer guy, they go to kurt cobains house instead of elviss. anyway its dead good watch it on google videoooo yeh.

i actually came on here to say WERE SIGNED IN JAPAN AGAIN YAYYYYYYYYYYYYy

not that anyone japanese that read this so i guess its pretty pointless information. but yeh,


hopefully this means we'll be back over super soon. which is good news cos we need to restock converse and, honestly, we miss yr superevolved country and amazingly friendly people and beautiful food and crazy drinks and cheap fags and toy robots ARGH CAN WE JUST COME OVER NOW PLZthxxxxx


Friday, August 28, 2009

ocean colour scene are back?!

oh man, didn't we kill them already?

Friday, August 21, 2009


hello two things

1) ive been slack posting merch this week cos in addition to all that stuff below ive been working for robot dinosaurs from america (TRUE) and ive had the worlds worst toothache and we have more stuff to sign and i wussed out of faking everyone elses signatures and writing rude messages. but we're going to the envelope store today and everything'll go out tomorrow. SORRY..
2) if anyone wants to buy stuff but can't cos paypal hates them or doesnt accept their country then get in touch with us and we'll sort it out.
im really sorry to leave a post soley consisting of commerce, but all the good news is secret for now. the merch store is our total lifeline this summer, thank you everyones!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

there's nothing i would say no to..


sorry we've been kinda silent. we've been doing all sorts of fun things we can't share yet. like, watching the finished criminals video. and fergs amazing custom scenes video. and, making loads of video ourselves. and listening to our fully finished, slightly different-to-the-promo-copy mastered album. and listening to our newly mixed bsides for criminals. and arranging loads of cool people to remix us. and arranging south african visit. and planning something else secret. and criminal. and we've been hackshually working. and having an internet battle with some used-to-be-famous faded music journo (he wrote to me to apologise but i still think he's an idiot)

so our tour is selling well, we're told. yay. hurry up october. also, i've messed about with the gigs page on our website so there's a archive of past fun things we've had. if yr obsessed with us then you'll have seen most of it, but you should check out the feels like summer tour page cos theres loads of new photos and words as well as kellys final DiS tour diary where she makes everyone sing a hymn and jun kisses pete calories again. heres linkage: menu page and feels lke tour page.

also, does anyone know any brass players? like, trumpet/trombone/saxomophone (sorry no clarinets). cos we want to rob some scales from them to make our tour set More Epic. If you know (or indeed, ARE) someone who lives near one of th shows, can you prod them in our direction plz? thanksss

also. i have the worlds worst toothache, i would like to make public my thanks to our friend anja who came to visit and made me dinner and drunk and bought me crazy safrican painkillers and big rizlas and this:

that i have wanted for AGESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

k more news soon! bye!


Friday, August 7, 2009

some girl having a 'tin bath' and some other stuff
new songs! we've been doing (not recording) some more today
one goes like this, da da- da da da- da da -# harmonic - repeat
and one goes dadada dun, dadadadun, dadadadun, dududududuuuuuu
srsly, beavis and butthead'd have a FIELD DAY
and that last one has an oxes riff in it
and one song is dubbed 'I totally beat the futureheads'
but it's not really called that
and the other has the lyric 'hairy butt' or 'halibut' or something in.
don't ever say i don't give you the 411.
grrrl xxxx

Thursday, August 6, 2009

and spit out yr bones for coathangers

not only did junior make a lil video of us doing bsides, but i discovered the annotations thingy on youtube.


the tracklist to our album WENT PUBLIC today. noone told us and we thought everyone was going to be mad at us cos it had leaked. then someone told us and everything was fine, again.

also, we'd like to apologise to people that work in topshop having to hear our song all the time yr instore playlist thing. we've all worked jobs that involve 9 hour shifts with a 1 hour mix cd, and we find it pretty unsettling that a band as anti-fashion as ourselves is deemed suitable for shopping music, but, y'know, OVERDUE BILL: FINAL DEMAND and that. y'know that rilo kiley song that goes, and the bills keep changing colourrrrrrrrrr... thats my favourite rilo kiley moment. ANYWAY its going to get worse for you all cos they're running the video in a week or so too.

also, because our band is Teh Coolest, reebok and atticus said we can come to london and rape their shops up. which is aces, dont get our scavvy hearts wrongd; i dont really care for the dead bird guys but THIS = TEENAGE WIN.

unfortunatlery i'm still not famous enough to warrant peavey giving me a free amp. VIOLINS PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

also, we have some plans involving BEING ILLEGAL PUNXXXX, we'll tell you when we're allowed.

byeeeeeeee xlex

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i was cold, i was naked, etc...

anyone who has had the (mis)fortune of touring with us/ jumping in our van/ spending time with our goodselves will know of our (my, ok) obsession with this absolute classic.... If our 8th tour diary from May just gone ever sees the light of day you too can bare witness to it's awesomenezz. Until then, hear these people not do it the kinda justice we can

seiously, this'll be my last non-sensical message.

oh and thanx lewes for drawing my attention to this video, i nearly cried with joy.


Monday, August 3, 2009


so we played y not festival this weekend just passed. The crowd were superawesomelovely and we had loads of fun. I don't think I've ever played so bad in my life, but still, twas a ball. Here's a pic:

y not

thanks mark for taking this!

(there are more pics

I played in my wellies!


pasta and gears of war await me

stay cool y'all

grrrl x