Sunday, May 30, 2010


DOT TO DOT, urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. so weve always wanted to play it, we were always whining about how we never got asked and then they asked us and someone along the line said yes without checking with us and if it was literally any other weekend we'd be there but this weekend is when kelly goes all mysterious and leaves the country. does any of you read comics? d'you know the boys? you know the female? yeh...

anyway, since we share a manager with sky larkin, some Shit went Down and now they've replaced us. you should go see / have been to see them. they have new songs and there fucking awesome-o.

so, seeing as the theme of this week seems to be weirded out versions of songs as apologies, this seems to be a gooderer time as any to introduce this bastard child (song) we gave birth to (recorded) after sexing (studio time) with this man called peach (yesterdays pupil) in south afri-car.


for those of you who are into this sort of technical studio knowhow, we recorded all our parts in the wrong order onto a computer machine using wires, coloured them in pretty hues, then peach put it next to a gameboy sound chip and did some suave magic transferrance till this came out.

thanks be to red bull studios in capetown for organising this up for us


k hope you like it. it's called with who, who and what i've got. i guess it should have a weird suffix like 8bit poesyou mix or something, but seeing as how we havnt recorded it normally yet, ettiquette dictates we call that one *standard rock version. normal service to be resumed on the 5th June for 2poor2pitch (tsch, grmmr) at the harely in shefshef.

goodluck kelly / bye


Friday, May 21, 2010


hello. if we were a club, then this would be the newsletter.

1) every cloakroom ever. OMG we are soooooooooooooo sorry about keeping everyone waiting for this. there was a flood! locusts! and a load of stuff that was out of our hands. BUT this weekend both the test pressing and cover turned up (can you find yrself?) and we've okayed them cos they're excellent and they'll be cloned this week. YAY BACTA TANKS

so, expect yr awesome 45rpm 10" (geek hi5 plz) within a couple of weeks. ALSO, to keep you all from thinking, why did i ever care about johnny foreigner anyway, everyone on the list will be sent a BRAND SORT OF NEW song called kelly watches the coast. its sort of a remix but not really. you'll see. check yr inboxes (inboxi) in a few days. sweet.

2)gigs! our summer schedule is pretty much in place now, you can see it here or most likely here or even perhaps here. our next show is headlining the saturday of 2poor2pitch at the harley in sheffield. yay sheffield!

3) americahhhhhhhhhhh/canadarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. thanks so much for yr informative emails, its totally helped us build a picture of where we want to be and who we need to speak to. i know we still havnt written back to everyone, we're still assimilating all the details. planning mode for autumn (FALL!) tour will be engaged soon. aces.

4) safricaaaaaaaaaaaa we want to come and make our next album in you. for reals. octynov time? can we have a million rand for flights plz?

kcool, more news soons!