Thursday, July 30, 2009

shizzle me nizzle

bsides y'all.
we're doing some.
they sound like musicals

Monday, July 27, 2009

i'm going to be useful (for a change)

here have this - our first fan forum!!!!

so totally flattered.

see what he did there?

thank you Gareth (who set it up)

please go there and say nice things

or things like what some of these here have been saying

cos i don't mind the bad, free country yeah?

just don't call us twee
love to everyone

Sunday, July 26, 2009

dear dairylea..

last night we played in the corner of a tiny pub for sheffields tramlines festabule. it was fun

also:: here is a crossmedia expunging of hop farm goodness from the start of the month


Starting to get excited i am - Jr

Friday, July 24, 2009

Jr really likes this vid.

Haven't posted on here yet meself, and as its so easy i feel ashamed.
Here though is a present from me.
Anybody out there who has any Grandprix86 stuff, please email them to me, i will trade for some dairylea slices. yum
Pretty please.
They be a band some of the members of pennines were in before this innit. Feckin tunes i tell thee.
safe safe

Thursday, July 23, 2009

i watched flags of our fathers yesterday.

it soo so sooo nearly broke through my cold capricorn exterior, neeearly. Actually, Brotherhood did that like, 2 years ago.
Ok, if I'm honest about it, My Girl did that when I was about 8. Macaulay Culkin DIED by being stung by LOADS OF BEES! How could you not cry at that? Srsly? Unless yr not an 8 yr old girl of course, duh.

I'm destined to never add anything of any relevance to this blog.

Sorry alexei. Sorry Jr. Sorry everyone.

girl x

aaaactually, we're playing in Sheffield (Tramlines) on Saturday, is that relevant? Good. Have that.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ive just read this awful review of us

i mean, its not awful, the guy totally bums my guitar playing and appreciates our music FOR WHAT ITS WORTH LIKE. and he enjoyed our set, which is obviously THE POINT
(its about the free show we did at the flowerpot)

says he saw us "mincing around looking nervous cos noone was there" then we get a "rent-a-crowd" then "agree to go on when there audience is an acceptable size"

and at the end, i apparently have a guitar-trashing temper tantrum which is filmed for the feels like summer video. WHAT EXCUSE ME? as far as me and my guitar and the guy who made our video WHO WE DIDNT EVEN KNOW HAD BROUGHT HIS CAMERAHH this is all spurious lies that make us look like some poxy music biz band.

which is so much bullshit. like we could afford rent-a-crowds. or even tell the promotors when were going on. but really, the guy namedrops talking to me, like, whatafuckinghonor, and i feel like i was conned. i remember him, i think, i was drunk assss, and he seemed like a nice guy. apart from this wierdly cynical overimagination i'm sure he is.

i dunno, im all for people writing shit on the internet cos its ONLY THE INTERNET and other peoples opinions dont really bother us. especially when they're wrong. but that hideous style of writing, like, mock-cynical i-know-all-the-tricks really REALLY depressess me. one of the UNIQUE SELLING POINTS YOU CUNT of our band is we all have this stupidly naive attitude that people who like our band also like other bands we like, and therefore each show is a whole room full of potential friends. which is a super-flouncy faux punk statement worthy of jonah mantra, but probably the last bastition of anti-cynicism id stand by. we're not like, popstars, we're just as skint and sorry as everyone else, we weat the same tshirts, were on the same fucking side and we'd like to swap mix cds, we just happen to write good songs and weve had some good luck. simple.

anyway it was nice to be able to mince around YR OWN FUCKING SHOW without feeling like yr making a negative impact on yr press. where else are you supposed to mince round? the mincing rooms? god i have this image of him when i went to see if anja or gavin had arrived, or got a drink, or god forbid actually talk to people who like my band, staring at my back thinking "he looks nervous, he's a nervous mincer"


i only clicked on it cos there was a link for a review of feels like summer that said it started with a guitar riff that was stolen from a feeder song. and mentioned the t word. (twee. cos we're twee. HOW THE FUCK ARE WE TWEE YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. ARE YOU NOT SUPPOSED TO LEARN THE MEANING OF A WORD BEFORE USING IT JESUS FUCKING CHRIST PLEASE SOMEONE EITHER EXPLAIN HOW WE ARE TWEE OR LET US EXECUTE EVERY SELF PROCLAIMED MUSIC WRITER WHO DENOUCES US AS SUCH THANKS GOD. anyway she didnt like it, its a rubbish twee song, not as good as los camp, greaty, and thats good yeh? thats the sides i was ranting about before. doesnt like us but doesnt "get" us, so the actual opinions dont bother us. if we wrote music for everyone to get, then, we'd be rich. i mean, rubbish, not us doing what we love doing at getting paid for it. and, apart from rants like this, doing what the fuck we want has done us pretty well, and we know who our friends are k thx.

But, this mince-proclaimer, he likes us. i think. i mean, he's theoretically on our side, he liked the show, he likes our songs, i daresay we share loads of the same records. and that totally bums me out. im never talking to anyone ever again, goodbye forever.

(apart from the internet)
(or if you do the secret knock on our mincing room door)
(and on stage)
(im not really im just moaning, sorry if you thought this was going to be fun. bye)
(apologies are twee. FUCK YOU, everyone)


Friday, July 17, 2009

i dont seem to dance much any mooooooooooooore

so we're going to film a video tomorrow. i have to be up in 6 hours. im not even tired. we dont even know what we're going to wear. you can't tell 3 different people to dress uniformly. we're not PSYCHIC! we've formed a plan, take all our clothes with us. at least we rejected the 50s biker combo idea.

anyway it seems way more pro than what we're used to. the call sheet for the shoot lists like a million names. "with more crew to come" WHATS A CALL SHEET?
and, it takes 2 days! we're like, the editors or something. i think we're sleeping on th directors floor, which is v v nice of him but does maybe give our amatuerness away a bit. pass the call sheet?

we're not quite sure whats going on, like, even more than usual. bayliffs, chainsaws, us playing a song. cant fail really. I BAGSY THE CHAINSAW.

also, i doubt anyone really cares. but the george pringle album isnt out till september. SHE SAID JULY BEFORE AND I WAS DEAD EXCITED AND NOW I HAVE TO WAIT TILL THE MONTH WHERE I'LL HAVE NO MONEY. and i dont want to beg a promo cos the art'll be awesome. also im kinda worried cos she posted some pictures and one was of a track-labelling sticker, like wot recording studio people use on their machines. which for anyone else i'd be supergeekily excited to see, but for someone who made such a big thing of creating these amazing soundscapes from garageband its a bit awwwwww. cos there's like a million hideous industry men whod absolutely ruin this perfect punk thing that she created on her own.

i guess its pretty rude for an audience to be annoyed by an artist evolving. i want th rerecorded songs (i dont know if songs is the right terminology) to be bouncier and sparklier, im dreading some producer guy turning everything into neat blocks of fours, or beth orton style coffee table musik.

we won a popularity contest on a popular uk music website last year, and the prize i got was her phone number. ive lost th phone now but i dont think i'd ever call her. she walked past me once and i totally spilt my drink. which would be a handicap in explaining that i fell in love with carte postale way before i saw a picture of her and thus arent just fawning her beauty..

hey i know, instead of getting some sleep why dont i just write rubbish on the internet. this and dave-javu have killed an hour nicely.

we'll tell you how it went. (unless it goes really badly) wish us luck. or do some voodoo stuff to make us sleep plz.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Can Bear Grylls

talk in a non-dramatic voice? Srsly! Talk. Normally.

In other non johnny foreigner related news, i am now officially in lust with algernon cadwallader. Y'know, didn't wanna jump on that bandwagon when everyone around me was falling in love with them (I like to discover a band at my own leisure).
Unfashionably late, always. Honeymoon period still = some kind of cadwallader on repeat for, i don't know, 4 days straight.

Is anyone watching my tour diaries? do they need more tits and ass?

when i say that, i mean more birds and donkeys. I think that'd really boost viewing figures.

I don't have any real news for you I'm afraid. I'll think of some gossip to divulge in my next post.

the girl one. x