Tuesday, December 22, 2009

London Calling

I was trying real hard to find the live show We were promised Jetpacks played @ London Calling 2009

Found it, and there's loads more like

Fight like apes
Wild beats

Just nuff innit




Saturday, December 19, 2009

denmark, tokyo, leeds?

omg right i know i know i know i know qwwe havnt done a blog for ages and you probably think we've stopped caring. NOT TRUE!

we've been super busy
here is the last 4 weeks checklist. you'll have to imagine the checks. or, ticks.

european tour. england tour. japanese tour. ireland tour.
3 festivals, the biggest nightclub in asia, the smallest pub in hamburg. £140 papa johns bill. 1 new guitar. 1 lost camera. 2500 people on saturday, 7 on monday. hotels, motels, chalets, floors, it feels like we mostly slept in seats. 2 x 12hour flights. 4 x 18 hour drives. 3 different splitters. (not cos we kill splitters, but each one did die a little at some point)

anyway yeh we been super busy. and and some point soon we'll write more about it. we're pretty much off till february and there'll be a little christmas present from us to you presently. little, no hopes raised plz.


the next single off ofo fof our album will be Every Cloakroom Ever.
here is our logic. The stupid pop radio channels arent playing us enought to satisfy our egos/rent demands EVEN THO we send them the songs we think are the most pop radioable. THEREFORE if we put out a song we think is pretty un pop radioable they'll play it and WE WILL HAVE WON THE SYSTEM YAYYYYYYYYYYaughts for everyone.
anyway, ((if)) (but prbly) ((TOUCH WOOD)) we'll do a ltd 7" pressing too. ATLAST, AMIRTE??

anyway, what i actually came on here to do was like, FUCKING RAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE cos of this stupid lets get RATM to number 1 campaign. people im friends with are actually, literally buying this and like, i think im actually disgusted buy it.

its a setup right? this isnt a war for the future of processed pop music. noones going to sack simon cowell and banish xfacta if rage gets to number one. its a blur vs oasis chart panto dressed up and aimed at the lowest common denominator. now its THE NME vs X FACTOR.

this kid on our twitter wrote "its just to stop x factor getting to no.1 all the time".

and if twitter aloud for extra long patronising comments this is so what i would have sent..

even if simon cowell, the incredibly astute Music Industry wank that he is, doesnt directly benefit from the increased funds to Sony Records that ratm sales bring in, he's taking full advantage of the fucking amazing PR for his pet singing boy. you do understand, this isnt actually taking anything away from x facta sales? noone here is on the fence about which to choose, yr just polarised to pick one depending on you being an nme kid or an x facta kid.
theres this wierd and scarily stupid streak of pride running thru these arguments. the attitude is "LETS LIEK, TOTALLY SHOW THEM!!!" and noones quite figured out who we're showing.

here is my radical idea. i cannot be arsed to start a facebook group. but if i did it would be called, instead of buying ratm again for christmas accept that some conflicts cannot be solved over a month and instead buy something you really really love and give it to someone who'll buy xfacta and hope that in a years time THEY LIKE CAPN JAZZ TOO. group

i dunno. sorry to be all END TIMES again, but for the generation we grew up from - actually being derided for liking alternative music, or like, having to search, physically, in cd shops for stuff that was LITERALLY ALTERNATIVE, this is a giant coffin nail moment. its worse than nme being sponsered by fashionable hair. it should feel like we've evolved into mainstream and bought our values and ethics with us, but we havnt. we've just our hair and our distortion pedals co-opted. my converse. his nintendo. her sense of Fucking Dignity. every other meaning of the word punk.

and now, we can like, BUY OUR PRIDE BACK! even tho epic will probably sink all yr hard earned 99ps into the next script album before they try and take a band like ratm again. even tho it'll mean simon cowell sells a shit tonne more records and gets his BIG FACE everywhere. even tho theres a tonne of bands we probably love more who could really do with the money and support. even tho we own the song anyway.


well this isnt a war but it sure as fuck is a landmark battle. if more stupid trolls buy RATM than buy XFCTA, that means "alternative" is now a bigger genre than "pop". and that doesnt make it alternative no more. genre fail.

im going to bed ill be back happilierrrrrrrr

goodnight everyone