Monday, September 28, 2009

economic disregard

totally had to blug this, its the video for 4 or 5 magicians new single and its dead good. They = first on when our twoer gets to london, October 10th at le garage, make sure you catches them.

Monday, September 21, 2009

teenage ramp age

we went done a gig
it was in bristol. bristol is ++good.
it was fun. here is a video from some scraps off stuff on my phone. some of it i even recorded on purpose.

thats 3 minutes of yr life you can never get back, sorry.

For the last 4 months, we've had "one small toy robot" at the bottom of our rider. and every promotor who sees it and goes "ha ha ha NO" apart from these lovely people. who buy us something that isnt a robot but still has buttons and glows green so is acceptable. yay bristol. the bbc filmed our soundcheck and broadcast it on a massive screen above the stage for no apparent reason. when we came to play they replaced the camera feed with a screen saver advertising a teenage rampage, whatever that is. anyway, that was a bit wierd. blakfish turned up about 30 seconds after they were due on stage, played an amazing show, then went to europe, that was pretty cool. and gareth lc! came and sung a song with us. since he was there we made him play guitar for a song. and since he already had a guitar on we made him play at the end too. that was fun.

also last week we played artsfest in birmingham. we've always thought it was a bit crap but have since realised thats cos noone ever asked us to play on a massive stage in the middle of cenntenary square before. here are some photos we robbed of the internet. they totally made me cut my hair.. our extra guitar player for the day was geordie, you can listen to his very good band >here

o scene girls of birmingham, we know yr only crushed against the front cos saving aimee are on next...

Friday, September 11, 2009


hello all

the prize for exclusive video dropping goes to
rocksound magazine. we like rocksound. they = 4real and they championed distophia, dont you know.

nestor larkin is tour managing us for the next couple of days, even tho he is in Dental Wars. we have to try very hard not to break or smoke in sky larkins lovely van. wish us luck! THANKS NESTOR!

so tomorrow we're on at 1pm and soundcheck is 11 so we have to load in at 10.30 so we have to leave here at OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGggg.

anyways, lewes is playing some guitar and hopefully we have some Brass Action. cos, it seemed like a clever idea to do unrehearsed multiple instrument stuff when we had a really important filmed show. yes. also, we have a new soundman, his name is francis and we'll show you him soon. if he doesnt hate us.

right. yes, VIDEO GO LOOK ITS GOOD ISNT IT WE TOLD YOU IT WOULD BE. the bayliffs looked 100% accurate, but were actually really nice.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

LONDON - here is a message from our mgmgmgt::

You probably know that the new album 'Grace And The Bigger Picture' is coming out next month - October 26th - and a single, 'Criminals' is released on 12th October.

To make some extra special versions of the album, we're filming a show THIS SATURDAY (12th September) at the Borderline, London for a DVD to accompany 'Grace..', and we'd like you to come down. It's free, of course.

The show starts at 1pm prompt, so it's doors at 12pm - all ages invited.

In order to get in, all you need to do is email and give us your name - all people are allowed to bring a friend. A plus 1, as they say in the evil music biz. It's limited to 150 people, so please mail us soon as you can.

Where's The Borderline? It's here:

Hope you can make it.

There's going to be lots more news in the coming week, so stay tuned to the website / myspace / things like that.

And don't forget that the band are on tour soon - we'll also be visiting the rest of the UK, Europe and beyond in the coming months.


Team JF

soooo um, yeh. we hope you can come. sorry its short notice ETC. dress to impress cameras plz.

traaaaa xlex

Monday, September 7, 2009

ohai hard shoulder

its been a while...


took that picture at about four in th afternoon. kelly flew out of paris this morning and jun and lea and me had a nice easy drive back to home in time for tea. just got in. FUCK YOU, the AA. something went bang about 3 hours drive from home. we waited on th hard shoulder, the AA said they'd be an hour. then after an hour they said they'd be about 45 mins. we got drunk. after 45 minutes, they said ten minutes. then they rang back to say, actually, more like an hour and a half. RAGE!!!!!!
then a towtruck came. towtruck man said he'd been waiting for us about 8 junctions down the road for the last hour or so cos the AA messed up. HE RAGE!!! the AA also said there were two of us not three so the towtruck man couldnt fit us in. we sobered up. lea and towtruck man take turns to phone AA and beg for taxi. taxi is arranged. taxi is not arranged. taxi might be arranged, AA isnt really sure. towtruck man can't leave us to wait on hard shoulder on our own, he's obliged to stay until we're safe. to pass the time he tells us about yesterday when he was on a similar job just down the road, - he was waiting with a family on th hard shoulder when a car came, only it wasnt a taxi, it was a 4x4 and the driver was texting or something. tl,dr : the 18yr old girl got crushed and died mostly instantly and the 80yr old granny had her legs amputated on the scene. just down there, he points...
AA eventually organise a taxi. tho, they don't know where its coming from or how long it'll be. suspect AA have probly just ordered themselves pizza instead.

after about another hour of not dying in a horrific stupid sober mess, another AA man comes and drives us to a safer layby. van gets towed off, taxi appears, head off, overtake van, and all meet up at an industrial estate in redditch at midnight. it was kinda romantic in a 3rd album suede sense, ie, not really tho...

anywayss we're home and alive, our van is not. o dearrrrrr. tomorrow or something i'll write nice things about the beautiful venue and friendly awesome crew and lou barlow saying nice things about us. meanwhile,lorene took nice photos. im sorry about my beard..


Sunday, September 6, 2009

tonight we sleep in suburbia

tomorrow we take Paris, France..


OH! and also, next week we come home. for artsfest. you know, ARTSFEST!
we're playing a big special stage (truck) in front of the ICC. its free (for you).
Here is a list of what time we and the other AWESOME bands are on (the truck):

Sunday 13 September, Centenary Square Stage

12:30 The Skyline
13:15 The Lines
14:00 51 Breaks
14:45 The Amateurs
15:30 Templeton Pek
16:15 Mexicolas
17:00 The Arcadian Kicks
17:50 Johnny Foreigner
18:45 Saving Aimee
19:45 Elliot Minor
20:45 Reverend & The Makers
21:45 Athlete

isn't that the best line-up of bands like, EVER?
oh we'll be drunk alright...


Thursday, September 3, 2009



hello everyone

our next single is available on october 12. digital only, i'm afraid (of the future)

criminals is taken from our new album. you can hear it on our myspace. it is recorded by a man from fudgetunnel and mixed by a man from kenickie. that is how we operate.

the bsides are super new notheardbefore songs recorded in our practice room and at kel and juns house by dom james. there's also a lovely desktop wallpaper thing and a whole bag of love that isn't exactly tangible, it just pours out of your screen and bathes you.

we hope you like (buy) it.

in other news

- the arts for the album are all done. omgodsssssss its perfect. EVERYONE LOVES LEWES! i wish we could show some off but you'll all have to wait.

- we have plane tickets booked for south africa and you don't ahahahahahahahahaaaaa

- my teeth are all better now, thanks for asking


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

weekend cultural excursion plan.

holy fuck paris, mange this:::



thats like, THIS SUNDAY! THE ONE COMING! Sguestlist vee?

also, our collective hearts have been cracked by the love spilt on us from people in australia. we were well jealous when dana got there first. we probably shouldnt have seen the crazy voodoo gypsy about it but still, WE TOTALLY WANT TO BE THERE. plz beg yr music industry for us. say we have relatives out there who need replacement surgery or something.