Monday, September 21, 2009

teenage ramp age

we went done a gig
it was in bristol. bristol is ++good.
it was fun. here is a video from some scraps off stuff on my phone. some of it i even recorded on purpose.

thats 3 minutes of yr life you can never get back, sorry.

For the last 4 months, we've had "one small toy robot" at the bottom of our rider. and every promotor who sees it and goes "ha ha ha NO" apart from these lovely people. who buy us something that isnt a robot but still has buttons and glows green so is acceptable. yay bristol. the bbc filmed our soundcheck and broadcast it on a massive screen above the stage for no apparent reason. when we came to play they replaced the camera feed with a screen saver advertising a teenage rampage, whatever that is. anyway, that was a bit wierd. blakfish turned up about 30 seconds after they were due on stage, played an amazing show, then went to europe, that was pretty cool. and gareth lc! came and sung a song with us. since he was there we made him play guitar for a song. and since he already had a guitar on we made him play at the end too. that was fun.

also last week we played artsfest in birmingham. we've always thought it was a bit crap but have since realised thats cos noone ever asked us to play on a massive stage in the middle of cenntenary square before. here are some photos we robbed of the internet. they totally made me cut my hair.. our extra guitar player for the day was geordie, you can listen to his very good band >here

o scene girls of birmingham, we know yr only crushed against the front cos saving aimee are on next...


Veee said...

ha,top gun theme-classic!! x

bethany :) said...

i got punched in the face for saying saving aimee were shit.
it was a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

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