Sunday, October 18, 2009

a big dump of words from my tired head

hello everyone
we've been off tour for almost 23 hours and its nearly my birthday which im spending putting stuff on ebay and going through my bag wondering why everything smells of gin and cranberrry juice. i think i prefer the 2000 album that spotify mistakenly lists as being the xx to the actual the xx album and i thought i should write something so people didnt think that the tour we just did Actually Killed Us.


thank you nottingham for filling a room we couldnt come close to last year and giving us like, Actual Confidence
thank you oxford for the nicest steak dinners ever everest
thank you birmingham for the singalong bits that mean more to me and kel than any other night weve been on that stage which is like a bazillion
thank you exeter for the guy with the ghost shoes and the juice selection
thank you brighton for the flies in the toilets and the thuggish doormen
thank you london for the biggest show we've ever done on our own. (sorry, we'd have done an encore if i wasnt being violently sick!)
thank you sheffield for the hotel room and not putting pictures of me being sick on the internet
thank you manchester for putting up with us and our broken gear and supersizing our travelodge rooms
thank you leeds, you know the score..
glasgow, sorry, just, sorry.
thank you liverpool for killing yr barfly and fixing our stuff cheap and reaffirming our beliefs that people in liverpool are just, BETTER.
thank you cambridge for a suitabley drunken and happy ending.

thank you dan for coming with us to sell and fix and document and entertain us
thank you mark for driving us and definetly not being some kind of louche secret druggy pervert or anything
thank you francis for making us tour laminates and generally taking care of EVERYTHING EVER

um, so. yeh. i had to walk to the supermarket, it was the first time ive walked more than ten minutes or listened to headphones for 2 weeks, it was well odd.

anyways, commerce, otherwise know as holy fuck were on tour for the rest of the year how do we afford to live time.

the remaining stock of new tshirts is available to purchase from our merch store as of NOWNOWNOW. this hyperlink goes to the buying them screen

theres more news obviously, we'll write about the tour properly too. cos dan took a million videos and pictures and some of its PRETTY RELEVANT.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

flapper show

seriously, girl from nothampton, ive never been so rude to anyone, ever. Im so so so so sorry. You have guestlist for life if you dont hate me. Godsssssssssssss

Friday, October 2, 2009


at fucking last.

it seems like ages since we did any serious actual touring. sorry theres been not much writing, we've been busy doing things. special things, like rehearsing that song we never play. YOU KNOW THE ONE ITS YOUR FAVOURITE. at least, we hope. we've been rehearsing about 20 songs. which is stupid, cos we die if we play more than 12 in a row. but yeh, in the interests of Generating Some Hype, please tell us what songs of ours you'd most like to hear us play at the show that you are coming to if you are. yes. and we'll talk about it on sunday at practice and be like, djs? fuckoffffffffff..

i've spent 3 hours pressing buttons and assigning real time expression latch switches (YEH!) on my crazy japanese pedal board. as soon as i'd stopped laughing at the "instant knob mode". im unsure if this is a good thing, cos i have to do less pedal ballet, or a bad thing cos at least i was well practiced at said ballet.

anyway,we havent been completely anti social.

beatcast tv filmed our afternoon londondon show, and are showing the first half here. part 2 comes next week (7th October). you can also see us be interviewed by legendary kingston ladies man del, on this word :YES!

also also also
thanks ellie for holding the camera still admist a TEENAGE RAMPAGE.

um, also, new shirts! for tour! we're getting th yellow one printed again cos loads of people asked us to and we'd probably run off a cliff if you asked us too to.
the others are a black one what looks like this, only on a tshirt and without the annoying white lines:

and a white one that looks like this

why did we not think of that before?

we'll put some on the merch store too when we get them. yayers.

ALSO (finally) you know how we're awesome yeh? if you go to our website after midday monday, you'll get a surprise. (of the non rapey kind)