Thursday, September 3, 2009



hello everyone

our next single is available on october 12. digital only, i'm afraid (of the future)

criminals is taken from our new album. you can hear it on our myspace. it is recorded by a man from fudgetunnel and mixed by a man from kenickie. that is how we operate.

the bsides are super new notheardbefore songs recorded in our practice room and at kel and juns house by dom james. there's also a lovely desktop wallpaper thing and a whole bag of love that isn't exactly tangible, it just pours out of your screen and bathes you.

we hope you like (buy) it.

in other news

- the arts for the album are all done. omgodsssssss its perfect. EVERYONE LOVES LEWES! i wish we could show some off but you'll all have to wait.

- we have plane tickets booked for south africa and you don't ahahahahahahahahaaaaa

- my teeth are all better now, thanks for asking



urbanfox said...

I disapprove of the words 'digital only'


Anonymous said...

oh my god. i must have listened to the heavily distorted live version of criminals a hundred times, can't believe i'm listening to the final thing. this is awesome!

Bethany said...

now my tee has context! hurrah :D:D xx.

oxygenthief said...

are you going back to dark age 7"s again in the futures?

my collection is hungry