Friday, September 11, 2009


hello all

the prize for exclusive video dropping goes to
rocksound magazine. we like rocksound. they = 4real and they championed distophia, dont you know.

nestor larkin is tour managing us for the next couple of days, even tho he is in Dental Wars. we have to try very hard not to break or smoke in sky larkins lovely van. wish us luck! THANKS NESTOR!

so tomorrow we're on at 1pm and soundcheck is 11 so we have to load in at 10.30 so we have to leave here at OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGggg.

anyways, lewes is playing some guitar and hopefully we have some Brass Action. cos, it seemed like a clever idea to do unrehearsed multiple instrument stuff when we had a really important filmed show. yes. also, we have a new soundman, his name is francis and we'll show you him soon. if he doesnt hate us.

right. yes, VIDEO GO LOOK ITS GOOD ISNT IT WE TOLD YOU IT WOULD BE. the bayliffs looked 100% accurate, but were actually really nice.



Jay Breitling said...

Yay LEWES. More of him please. And Lea Room. Perhaps playing a flaming gong, a la Alex Van Halen in the greatest music video ever filmed ever the end love jay.

matil said...

love the video!

though I can't help feeling sorry for all those vases...

Ben Rausch said...

Criminals is too awesome! Anja and I watched it in bed this morning before I left for work, which was possibly the best way to start a day, like ever.


Criminals = tune and a half :)