Thursday, July 23, 2009

i watched flags of our fathers yesterday.

it soo so sooo nearly broke through my cold capricorn exterior, neeearly. Actually, Brotherhood did that like, 2 years ago.
Ok, if I'm honest about it, My Girl did that when I was about 8. Macaulay Culkin DIED by being stung by LOADS OF BEES! How could you not cry at that? Srsly? Unless yr not an 8 yr old girl of course, duh.

I'm destined to never add anything of any relevance to this blog.

Sorry alexei. Sorry Jr. Sorry everyone.

girl x

aaaactually, we're playing in Sheffield (Tramlines) on Saturday, is that relevant? Good. Have that.


Trung said...

what's a blog for?

Nicola said...

I watched My Girl when I was about 6, and it didn't make me cry, it just left me with a life long fear of bees.