Saturday, July 11, 2009

Can Bear Grylls

talk in a non-dramatic voice? Srsly! Talk. Normally.

In other non johnny foreigner related news, i am now officially in lust with algernon cadwallader. Y'know, didn't wanna jump on that bandwagon when everyone around me was falling in love with them (I like to discover a band at my own leisure).
Unfashionably late, always. Honeymoon period still = some kind of cadwallader on repeat for, i don't know, 4 days straight.

Is anyone watching my tour diaries? do they need more tits and ass?

when i say that, i mean more birds and donkeys. I think that'd really boost viewing figures.

I don't have any real news for you I'm afraid. I'll think of some gossip to divulge in my next post.

the girl one. x


Jay Breitling said...

Flying monkeys = kill two birds with one stone.

steve said...

o algernon, amazing band. the 08 demos were the best thing they did x