Friday, July 17, 2009

i dont seem to dance much any mooooooooooooore

so we're going to film a video tomorrow. i have to be up in 6 hours. im not even tired. we dont even know what we're going to wear. you can't tell 3 different people to dress uniformly. we're not PSYCHIC! we've formed a plan, take all our clothes with us. at least we rejected the 50s biker combo idea.

anyway it seems way more pro than what we're used to. the call sheet for the shoot lists like a million names. "with more crew to come" WHATS A CALL SHEET?
and, it takes 2 days! we're like, the editors or something. i think we're sleeping on th directors floor, which is v v nice of him but does maybe give our amatuerness away a bit. pass the call sheet?

we're not quite sure whats going on, like, even more than usual. bayliffs, chainsaws, us playing a song. cant fail really. I BAGSY THE CHAINSAW.

also, i doubt anyone really cares. but the george pringle album isnt out till september. SHE SAID JULY BEFORE AND I WAS DEAD EXCITED AND NOW I HAVE TO WAIT TILL THE MONTH WHERE I'LL HAVE NO MONEY. and i dont want to beg a promo cos the art'll be awesome. also im kinda worried cos she posted some pictures and one was of a track-labelling sticker, like wot recording studio people use on their machines. which for anyone else i'd be supergeekily excited to see, but for someone who made such a big thing of creating these amazing soundscapes from garageband its a bit awwwwww. cos there's like a million hideous industry men whod absolutely ruin this perfect punk thing that she created on her own.

i guess its pretty rude for an audience to be annoyed by an artist evolving. i want th rerecorded songs (i dont know if songs is the right terminology) to be bouncier and sparklier, im dreading some producer guy turning everything into neat blocks of fours, or beth orton style coffee table musik.

we won a popularity contest on a popular uk music website last year, and the prize i got was her phone number. ive lost th phone now but i dont think i'd ever call her. she walked past me once and i totally spilt my drink. which would be a handicap in explaining that i fell in love with carte postale way before i saw a picture of her and thus arent just fawning her beauty..

hey i know, instead of getting some sleep why dont i just write rubbish on the internet. this and dave-javu have killed an hour nicely.

we'll tell you how it went. (unless it goes really badly) wish us luck. or do some voodoo stuff to make us sleep plz.



Luke said...

writing rubbish on the internet just made me listen to carte postale which is superawesome so thumbsup4u

eden! said...

luck x

Trung said...

beating up a guitar seems cliche, no? guess we won't know til the vid comes out. how long does editing take?

David - Separated By Motorways said...

loved George Pringle for ages, are you still going to cover her?

johnny foreigner said...

its not a cliche! what happens is, we get like, so EMOTIONAL playing the song that we can't express ourselves fully thru music so we resort to violence. ITS COMPLETELY ORIGINAL!

no not really, but to tell anymore would be to give away the plot. HAVE FAITH.
it was one of thee most fun weekends we've ever had, im sure ill get bored and write about it this week. tis done in 2 weeks, we can not not not wait. but you all have to wait longer.
and also.
we WILL get around to george pringle, i love you but yr bringing me down, but we're drowning ourselves in new songs and ting at the moment.

Trung said...

LOLWUT? 2wks? by finished do you mean finished and then shelved for a release several weeks down the track? or finished as in up on youtube?
omg, george pringle fucking tasty!

Stef Has Headphones said...

the new version of "extremely verbal..." on george pringle's myspace sounds amazing, I think it's going to be a very good album.

a cover of one of her tunes by you guys sounds like a fun idea!

Anonymous said...

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