Wednesday, August 19, 2009

there's nothing i would say no to..


sorry we've been kinda silent. we've been doing all sorts of fun things we can't share yet. like, watching the finished criminals video. and fergs amazing custom scenes video. and, making loads of video ourselves. and listening to our fully finished, slightly different-to-the-promo-copy mastered album. and listening to our newly mixed bsides for criminals. and arranging loads of cool people to remix us. and arranging south african visit. and planning something else secret. and criminal. and we've been hackshually working. and having an internet battle with some used-to-be-famous faded music journo (he wrote to me to apologise but i still think he's an idiot)

so our tour is selling well, we're told. yay. hurry up october. also, i've messed about with the gigs page on our website so there's a archive of past fun things we've had. if yr obsessed with us then you'll have seen most of it, but you should check out the feels like summer tour page cos theres loads of new photos and words as well as kellys final DiS tour diary where she makes everyone sing a hymn and jun kisses pete calories again. heres linkage: menu page and feels lke tour page.

also, does anyone know any brass players? like, trumpet/trombone/saxomophone (sorry no clarinets). cos we want to rob some scales from them to make our tour set More Epic. If you know (or indeed, ARE) someone who lives near one of th shows, can you prod them in our direction plz? thanksss

also. i have the worlds worst toothache, i would like to make public my thanks to our friend anja who came to visit and made me dinner and drunk and bought me crazy safrican painkillers and big rizlas and this:

that i have wanted for AGESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

k more news soon! bye!



Matthew Britton said...

man, safrican painkillers sound the best

KYTE said...

Scott Pilgrim is great, right?
It gets much better later on.

Whenever I go on Pilgrim reading binges, I put on a play list of Ozma, bis, and none other than Johnny Foreigner.


Trung said...

no weed?

you'll hit us up with a preorder soon i hope!