Friday, August 7, 2009

some girl having a 'tin bath' and some other stuff
new songs! we've been doing (not recording) some more today
one goes like this, da da- da da da- da da -# harmonic - repeat
and one goes dadada dun, dadadadun, dadadadun, dududududuuuuuu
srsly, beavis and butthead'd have a FIELD DAY
and that last one has an oxes riff in it
and one song is dubbed 'I totally beat the futureheads'
but it's not really called that
and the other has the lyric 'hairy butt' or 'halibut' or something in.
don't ever say i don't give you the 411.
grrrl xxxx


Lewes Herriot said...

isn't she bothered kids are riding her husband all day while she's at work? lolz

i wanna see the wedding snaps, with the ghost train as best man and a little waltzer tea cup paige boy. awww...

Ben Rausch said...

Love that part where it goes "dadadadun"!

Oxes Foreigner sounds too awesome for words. But I think you'll need some wireless guitars so you can wonder around the crowd when you play it. I'm sure Jun will also appreciate the alone time.

Matthew Britton said...

oh man oh man


Stop writing songs so fast.

Love, David x x