Friday, April 15, 2011

french for high hat/vapour trails.

thanks maya!

small preface; phonogram is probably my favourite comic series ever. well, that or martha washington but that's not relevant here. i've been a total fan of kieron gillen since he called himself c-monster and did tips in the back of amiga power. ((infact, right, go read all of these. back? that, o eater uppers of modern media, is how to do consumer journalism)) AAANNYWAY, i was kinda annoyed at my own stoner memory; i forgot the rad little essay about curse songs at the back of one of the second series. a few people have pointed out the obvious thematic similarities, to which i guess i have to respond, we're both drawing influences from a pretty small niche, and it never crossed my mind that people would think i invented, or worse, claimed to invent, the concept of cursed songs. judging by the bulging sample folder we have for the record, it totally struck a chord with YOU GUYS, and i'm pretty sure kieron would agree and won't think that we're trading off of his ideas. At least, i was, until i mailed him a way wordier version of this paragraph and didn't hear back. ulp.

so he's going to fucking love this then:

cross your fingers please for this: assuming kelly says the right incantations to the print gods, then we should have some of our friend anja's amazing mini comic about the start of our band for sale on tour. here's the first and last page for appetite whetting:

how cool is that!

here's a nice review of our frisbeep - BLAM that includes a free download of one of the songs wot is on it. Why not listen your ears out on it right now:

i guess i guess the jackals have got yr back. all the smell of disinterest carving up shots for the soundtrack. and if the bar bets don't break yr bank, there'll be legends formed on rumours whored and forced. he wanted a night with twin sisters, now he's stranded at the barbican. i guess that's irony for some. she wanted the best of her exes but her sister got there first. and now certain songs are cursed. and maybe we're just jealous of what you've got. all those concrete shards to the sky make a neat backdrop for this weight. wake up sweating out. yr going to wake up sweating to yr phone; 15 messages and they've all read yr mind, like; what have you done? he wanted a night with twin sisters now he's stranded at the barbican. i guess that's irony for some. she wanted the best of her exes but her sister got there first, now she'd settle for the worst. yr not too young to settle down but maybe family is not the best example. but don't let that stop you....

our camden crawl show (and maybeeeee the one before) will be our ONLY UK DATE as a four piece. Ben wot did live animated visual awesomeness for us in africa and america is coming over early for the euro-dates, come watch and be eye-amazed. the cat with lasers and it destroys cities and theres ghosts and also bon jovi. It really works better just being there, so don't let the fact that its camden and it's a crawl put you off.

other excitements
1) THESE YEAH. physical and digital distribution methods coexisting, it's like we've just gone and fixed the music industry for you all.

2) we're signed in france! MERCY BUCKETS! details soon!

3) seem to have inadvertently become twitter friends with the singer from mike fantastic. really? yes. the van that we were using last week, that they're using this week, we're using next week. hope they've left us some of those ubercool glasses. really? no.

4) can someone buy me a manbearpig shirt plz. you should buy one yrself cos they're like, the best band i've heard all year, but also get me one too.

thanks for all the messages re: That Guy and What He Said and What I Said and What Everyone Else Said and stuff. all the compliments on my words don't flatter me as much as knowing so many people feel the same way. Anyways, i'm pretty sure i just got in first in the stating the fucking obvious. for my money, ben patashnik is one of the best music writers we have and he phrases everything way better than i. did anyone hear me blathering about it on radio 6? i don't think i do soundbyte very well. whatevz, rsd is passing me by completely this year cos i'm spending the day checking in mass boxes of tshirts for the wrestling. so also please someone get me superchunk, deathcab, beck and suede plz thx.

we can play loads of new songs without stopping and we remembered how to play lea room. click on the last blog post thing to see where we're playing and work out how many of the shows will be happening near you whilst you sit indoors moaning about your boring life on the internet. o wait, thats me. you'll be there, right?


if we don't at least get a "please leave wil wheaton alone" letter, then we're killing ourselves. straight up. You Meat Six (LOL) beat us to blink supportage (trivia, exactly 182 of my facebook friends "like" my band. even tho i only have like, 4 friends) and Mr Reading and Leeds has OBVIOUSLY LOST OUR NUMBER OR SOMETHING so this must be the summer we got wil wheaton on our record. Since mere tweets have failed, would it be too much to ask you guys to make signs and take pictures? yknow, like on "the four chans"

They must contain words like or similar to "JOHNNY FOREIGNER LOVES WIL WHEATON" and the prize for the best one will be something special and unique and handmade. by us. make sure to tag it @wilw so he sees it. and @lexkelandjun so we see it. which, with the picture link, should give you enough space to write "WIL PLZ READ", or "i'm only doing this to get my hands on whatever exquisite prize is on offer" ALSO, less nudity than other bands twitter competitions is encouraged (you two know who you are). wil is a family man and we don't want indieporn to ruin what small chance we may get to explain our request.

K awesome. see you all soon


Ben Rausch said...

Lea Room?!? Seriously?! FUCK YEAH!

Veee said...

signed in France? so my country has taste for real?
this gives me hope.
see you soon! x