Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Unlike Lex, I don't have the literary skill to start off a blog with a witty anecdote or cool cultural reference (he does do that, right? Geek). Instead, I'm going to get/ divert yr attention by posting a video of a game that looks awesome. Then I'm going to tell you why I'm posting a blog for a change.


K, so... I'd like to believe that some day our band can exist without having to ask (beg) friends and people that like our band for help like, on a weekly basis. So yeah, if you haven't already figured, this is yet ANOTHER begging letter.

So, 6 months ago my poor bass head suffered 'explosion damage' (sounds exciting, but it's killed it, possibly for good).

Now, I've recorded my bass parts BUT I really need to re-amp them to make them sound, y'know, boss.

So... I ask you (specifically the people of Birmingham and thereabouts):

Does anyone happen to have a decent valve bass head, possibly an SVT, that I could borrow in order to make my bass parts/ our new album sound super super super awesome?

We'll like, dedicate the album to you or something. Probably 'or something'. But I'll be forever grateful.

Please email johnnyforeigner@hotmail.co.uk if you think you can help.

K, one more goosebump inducing game trailer

(parental guidance blah blah blah, unsuitable viewing for children, blah blah blah)

K, don't tell yr parents I showed you that, ok.

bye, homies.



Kelly said...

ps... I won't let yr equipment explode, I will treat it with kid gloves, promise x

Veee said...

OMG the Dead Island trailer is just too good.TOO GOOD.

(sorry, can't help with the bass issue) x

Stuart said...

that dead island trailer was AMAZING

i dont even really play video games anymore but... wow