Sunday, February 6, 2011

cones as boathangers

guys its fucking happened again. gig-raped. see this? guess who never agreed to the show? we were all like; "topshop? urrr we'll get back to you on that one..."

instead of throwing our toys out the pram again, thought it might as well be interactive band time. SO, you beautiful wise people to which we entrust so much, tell us right here, should we play the show? here are some points to aid you:


1) the custard factory is literally the next block from our studio. we could walk our entire backline there in about 15 minutes.

2) frankie and his heartstrings are super lovely people and always fun to hang out with.

3) the tickets are the same price as a text message

4) it might be outside over the pool. do they still do that? that'd be a pretty sweet evening.

5) huw stephens made the mix cd they're playing inbetween bands.

5) the posters are already up!


1) we're not being paid for it

2) its right in the middle of when juniors out of IRL work, so we'd planned bulk work our album. we'd lose a few days to rehearse a set. or maybe a day if we just play new songs.

3) its topshop. its student party written in wacky font.

4) it might be inside the med bar. do they still do that? that'd be a pretty horrendous sounding evening.

5) we never said yes, godsdammit.

so tell us lovers, if you were us, WHAT DO WE DO? people of birmingham, for once, you count for double.. topshop have been pretty kind to us in the past, which should count for something even if it is brand cross pollination at its most crass. i doubt anyone at topshop knows or cares that we all think people that try and buy into a culture via massmarket branded clothing are fucking idiots.

kinda pissed off we're expected to do it for free but practically we can do it cheap, and it's pretty much free to get in which counts for a lot (especially if we can sort out merch for then)

so having donned our haircuts and made a decision as to THE RIGHT THING TO DO, please click here to go back to where you came from and commentthing yr answer underneath our statusthing. we'll make a pie chart of the results and eat the biggest slice..

thank you in advance and i hope yr all having a fun sunday. i've just discovered this:

and will be spending the rest of the night finishing the first series and pretending not to refresh facebook.



Anonymous said...

Play it. A gig is a gig is a gig.
And gigs are fun

Anonymous said...




nickp said...

How annoying! If you've got a good relationship with them and it's no hassle to get to the gig, I'd say do it. Just make sure they know you hadn't agreed to it and you're doing them a favour. I think you've done an important service by airing this publicly, that way if they are making a habit of this (as some unscrupulous promoters do) bands will have something they can point to if they try and pull the same shit with them. I'd also check with Frankie and the Heartstrings to see if they are getting paid and if they have agreed to it. Let's hope it's incompetence and miscommunication rather than sharp practices.

Anonymous said...

oh dear, Topshop. What you could always do is help organise a student protest in the gig? I mean, they're a big target for the student protesters after all, via tax evasion. I'm not gonna offer my opinion one way or the other though, because frankly that would be rude as I live in London, not Birmingham.

Domenic said...

You should ask for the following before playing the gig: 2 packs of guitar strings, 1 pack of bass strings, supper, beer and 3 bus passes.

Nick said...

Don't play it, that's Junior's time off and even if you guys would be rehearsing anyway, I'm sure most of us would much prefer you guys using that time to work on new music. and while I know it shouldn't be about the money, why play if it'd probably cost you guys more to play it?

Enjoy Archer, it's a great series.