Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentines in the studio and other tales from south africa

we played our first african show last night!

soundcheck was sounding amazing so we defd it off for the beach. this here, cold english folks, is clifton beach. will smiths house is behind us. it rotates 360degrees so he's permantly facing the sun. true!

this is anja, our tour manager, gutting a south african sea snake.

our gig was aces btw. dom our promotor printed out bazillions of lewes ghostees and plastered them everywhere. massive thank yous to assemblys lovely stage crew who broke all our gear downfor us cos we were busy with the gin and the redbull. ugh. THANKS GUISE! anyways, we went down ace, despite having to follow kidofdoom, whom you should very much listen to and are totally our new favourite postrock band (non violin category)

the very tall man with the keytar is our friend ben. instead of playing notes and noises like one would expect, he plays images. we have projector screens either side of the stage and he triggers loops and pictures like, IN REAL TIME! its so totally rad, theres so much stuff, loads of lewes floaty stuff, and monsters, and a robot that kills bon jovi, and a Cat That Shoots Lazers From Its Eyes. fembots are coming soon, apparently. Our Heads Assploded. we hadnt seen any of it till last night, its totally distracting but looks amaze, and its bare fun having someone else running around on stage. thanks to ryk and richard kidofdoom for doing the extra guitar bits for us!

we're at the redbull studios in cape town for 3 days with this splediferous fellow, his name is peach and us and him are making a POP HIT. its a "collabullation"! srsly. that name must have seemed a lot cleverer after 10 gallons of taurine, or whatever it is thats making our eyes blur. anyways, tis well fun. were colouring stuff sleazy and using midi, whoever she is.

redbull studios is such a rad scheme, its a free studio where anyone can come in and make a song, yknow, just because. they have amps and a fuckload of gear and in house engineers and an infinite redbull box, hence my typing this at 10000 mph. we had the same thing in birmingham in the olden days when the MAC first started but they stopped it cos people kept stealing the gear.
speaking of home, look!!!!!!!

can you see it? cape town has our old area code!
its clearly fate we're here.

happy valentines day!


Anonymous said...

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bethany :) said...

yaaay birmingham area codes on cars in south africa, does it get much cooler?! aha x

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.