Friday, February 12, 2010

tales from south africa #1

yesterday we stole a dog.


we're just like, cruising thru belleville and anja sees a puppy and is OMG PUPPY so she grabs it and shoves it on my lap.

we named her cardog.

because she seemed destined to live in anjas car.

shes lovely. shes 2 months old and hasnt quite figured out how to use her giant paws yet. she doesnt even understand inertia. it's like a baby play asteroids. only really cute.

but unfortunatly her real owners came and took her back this morning. we're pretty sad.

i wonder if dogs remember holidays?

we'll miss you forever, cardog.


highart/lowlife said...

Cool! Looking forward to seeing you guys! I play for one of the support bands for your stellenbosch show! Mike

черный said...

dude, what are you guys doing GETTING OUT OF THE CAR in belville?belville eats foreigners for breakfast:P heck, it even eats capetonians for what chance do foreigners stand?! psyched to interview you kids tonight:)