Thursday, February 4, 2010

a nice refreshing glass of sprunt

hello world

were three shows into our happy valentines tourette.
and this is the cost

- kellys bass cab literally shat two speakers out.
- broke 2 guitars in the first show.
- had to dissassemble and rebuild kaossilator
- cracked a cymbal
- had to use broken guitar leads as manual wiper controls on our van in the snow.

so like, its all going magnificently as usual. sheffield last night was proper lovely, we have a day off to lose our cold and then we're in BIRMINGHASMS tomorrow, with ace bushy striptease. Thats like, 2 amazing bands then us being drunk cos we know where the cheap offys are.

imagine, right, if you were in a band, and you did some kind of ZANY preorder scheme for yr next 7" single. and imagine it was waaaay more successful than you thought. would you feel obliged to upgrade to say, 10"?


bye xxx


mixedup said...

a 10" with more songs....sounds good to me!!! :)

oxygenthief said...

bonus 3inches...