Tuesday, June 19, 2012


wow, remember the days when i used to write really long post here?

kinda stopped it cos it made more sense just to pile crap on facebook as it happened. Recently there's been a whole load of indignant fb protest and man tears, cos facebook changed the post ranking algorithm. I'm not going to moan (anymore) about it here, but the new system encourages interactivity a lot more and that doesn't really work so well for us; partially cos we hate everyone, but mostly cos we just kinda use it as a bulletin board; if we advertise a show then it doesn't matter how many "likes" the post gets, we just want as many people as possible to see the information. yougetsme?

so, we've set up this snidey system that'll publish links to this blog, meaning you now have to click thru to here to read it. and the facebook robot will add that click to our rating and thus think we're more popular than that annoying weird guy you're friends with whose pointless status updates clog up your feeds. HA WE SO CLEVER. actually we're not, anthony from our old label just sent us a massive pdf explaining how it all works. THANKS ANTHONY!

anyway, i'm going to assume YOU are one of the people who stopped seeing our updates and probably thought we'd called it a day. no such luck, suckers. here are things that have/are/will be happeneding:


up until we made VS Everything, we totally had this mindset that we should only record what we could reproduce live. and then we made the record and overdubbed the shit out of everything, meaning we need extra guitar ballet to be able to play half of it to you idiots. The list of people who know our songs and can put up with us is tragically short and also, it's kind of a secret, but i'm actually an AWESOME guitarist. luckily so is lewes, and now he's in the band we can totally ride him for artwork. it's a success story all round, apart from 30 seconds of one song that i don't play on anymore and i'm suddenly really concious of having arms.


K so no reading. but like, a really nicely worded no. and also, it's Jack Pops wedding so all alcopop bands are banned from playing. Jack and Kathryns wedding invite is a CD single. so, so kawaii. Me and Stagecoach are playing The Best Song Ever for it, if someone doesn't youtube us i will cry. anyway, FESTIVALS

We played 2 shows at Camden Crawl. It was, very camden crawl. Kelly made us all stand in a fridge.

We played Great Escape and it was carnage. We got showed so many post-mosh bruises we started to feel like abusive parents. Please note, stage invasions are always welcome as long as you don't kick the leads out of our pedals.

We played Long Division. a festival that's become as awesome as Wakefield is depressing. I puked in a bucket.

We played Banquets Big Day Out. I broke my crowdsurfing distance record.  So much love for Banquet, that in 2012 a community centred record store can hold an actual festival, with multiple stages in an actual field in the country.


we're at 2000 Trees, Tramlines and Truck and mayhaps some more. New songs, the future, etc.

3) B*TM*N shirts.

 The delivery company fucked up and we didn't get them till today. so you will get them shortly after we've s so sorry, it's totally out of our hands. ALSO we'll have 2 or 3 S, M and Ls extra, we'll put them up this week some point.


This is going coming out next, it'll be the final release in the Vs Everything campaign. It collects the album and relevant Bsides on 2 x 12" vinyl record lp discs. Tom remastered the whole thing especially. this is going to look SO SO SO SO GOOD, Lewes went and gone done new artworks especially too.
also, the first 100 will come with a sticker album and some stickers to start you off. yes, that is a thing now. Will be shouting about pre-orders soon.


o god. here we go again. stay close.

6) other little things: Hide and Seek gave us free clothes, THANK YOU. Anybody else want to sponsor us? we're aiming for full body nascar style coverage by the end of the year. We're going to do another Vs show in august in Birmingham and it'll be illegal and awesome. (secret) details soon. Our Youtube is now super smart with all the pop videos and things we've ever done neatly arranged.  I've started doing shit comics about my shit job and comics. also, capital-centric, this is the only Yr Friends show of the summer, it's come round way too fast and i'm totally unprepared so i'm probably just gonna read poetry over garageband or something.

 k, yay for social integration. see you soon xxx


alicejebs said...

AH TRAMLINES, they haven't even announced you yet!!

johnny foreigner said...

oh shit! keep it quiet and act surprised?

Elie Howe said...

I was actually going to abandon Sheffield to go to Truck. You have saved my wallet from all that damage yeah!

bethany dawson said...