Tuesday, June 19, 2012


right, every time we play scotland we always seem to meet someone whose like - o i can hook you up with a way better show than this.

and we go yeh, great, cos scotland is rad but a fucking mission to get to, so it means a lot that the gigs we do play are as awesome as possible.

so we take their emails and then loose them and spend the next 6,12,24 months going, yeh who was that guy, the one with the face and from scotland.

SO if that person is you, or not you but could be, or not you, then now would be a really good time to get in touch.
or if anyone has any opinions of rad venues we should be chasing or holes we should be avoiding, feel free to comment on one of the multiple social media nodes this text is going to port itself onto


(not scotland)

anyone who provides information leading to capture of aforementioned awesome hypothetical scottish shows will be rewarded in guestlist, dressing room beer, and the merch noone wants to buy.

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Anonymous said...

fat sams live @ dundee!