Wednesday, June 2, 2010

hey there overseas

k, just quickly
1) are you american or canadian and not on our mailing list? no? you div, read this and see why you should be

2) are you in australia? then eat this!

massive thanks to matilda for setting this up for no reason apart from SHE CARES. we = super flattered.

and thankee for all the kind words about us and peaches song. busy busy yum yum
OK THATS IT, ilu interweb


Joe said...

Thanks for hooking up the Grounded cover. SOO SOOOOO GOOD favorite Pavement song done by one of my favorite bands.

matil said...

thanks for putting my name in this. it makes me ridiculously happy. and everyone join my group (please)... it only has 7 members at the moment and that seems rather pitiful