Friday, June 26, 2009


first:: answerssss

yes our lovely next album is called grace and the bigger picture. it has an alternate title too but we'll leave that for a bit.
the cay session is a peel session from dec 2000. these 4 songs, they're just ridiculously good. bug me to mail you them
yes £100 is fine. would you like a sneak preview? i think this link lasts for 24 hours, so be quick.
(note to record label: not real leak)
it was a tempting offer but £100 between 3 people doesnt write off that much guilt.

second, check this out>>>>>>>>!!

this is by our friend eds. THE ROBOT FELL IN LOVE!! we burbled something about a toy robot and he came to see us in laaaaahden and then went and done this. howgoodisthattttttttt? eds also makes zombie films that feature people we know looking undead. they're great, but not so heavy with the robot love scenes. you should go here to see more. i cant wait till we get to do some dvd collection thing. i think we'll be on a par with the weezer one, but lose out to viewphoria. and viewphoria only lasts 2 albums, so we'd better get busy with the puppet scenes.



we have booked (had booked for us in a complicated process we still dont understand) a new UK tour for october. im sure it'll upset most people cos they dont live in one of the 11 cities were going to. but its not places we went to last time. apart from the 3 gravity well cities of birmingham, london and manchester. we'll tell you about it next week, i imagine


my periodical smashing pumpkins obsession has now extended to shouting at darcy when watching documentaries on youtube. on my phone. at work. i love them so much i cant even rank their albums.


Anonymous said...

1)Mellon Collie
2)Siamese Dream
Alexei > Billy :D

Anonymous said...

Oh and obviously:

Veeee said...

personal SP top albums (at the moment)
2)Siamese Dream
3)Mellon Collie
5)Machina I
6)Machina II (the free dl, not the tape)

to add something to what anonymous said
all bass players > Ginger


eden! said...

when did alexei grow a beard!??!??!!

Anonymous said...

ok so this is the anon that offered £100. if i had £300 i probably would, i'm just seriously desperate to hear the finished version of criminals. that link is dead for me :(

also shit, i was at that feels like summer gig, yet not in the video. i notice those annoying girls are though, they were sat on the floor for ages drinking before you guys came on. nothing wrong with that but if it means you're gonna feel the need to scream I LOVE YOUR FACES every two seconds maybe there is something wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

1:37 im in the feels like summer vid
also, link is dead for me too :(:(:(:(