Friday, May 1, 2009

plz plz, come work our band for us..

i totesssss forgot this earlier.

this is a message from gareth who manages (and copes) with our band.

Hello you. We're looking for nice people who like our band to collect names for our mailing list and give out badges and stuff at our shows in May.If you'd like to help (and we'd love you to help), then what you need to do is:

1) Be old enough to get in - some gigs are 18+, so please check!

2) email ::: :::: with 'i'll help you, johnny foreigner' in the message title we'll hit you back.

What you get:

1) two free tickets to the show

2) some nice JF bits and bobs

3) our undying love. THANK YOU!


you should so do it. we promise you'll be teh indie rock worlds most respected street team, and you can sip our gin and we can offer each other practical relationship advice and stuff.

kthx goodnight.xlex

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Anonymous said...

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