Monday, March 23, 2009

rockbandphotocliches #349

don't you just hate it when:

aliens destroy manhattan and every fucking out of town indie band scrambles onto yr roof for a quick photo op. disgusting.

our album is pretty much done, thanks for asking.
multi thanks to fight like apes and sky larkin and dana and JUSTIN FROM MENEGUAR!!!!! for their contributions. what did they do? buy album = find out! go scene! go crookyln!

all thats left now is for us to sit behind alex as he pushes faders up and down and go: can you turn that bit up plz. no louder. no, louderrrr. not really, look at this photo

alex is the one with th white shirt in the middle. we dont need to tell him to turn it up..
making this record has been fucking amaze, we'll tell all soon. but now we're too busy listening to the sound of our own voices.

copy haho on beatcast, watch it, its vv good.


eden! said...

johnny foreigner's new album starring sky larkin, fight like apes and dananananaykroyd.

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