Monday, March 23, 2009



because i can't sleep and can't think of anything better to do, heres some videos of pop bands of the internet. we havnt really listened to much else oursleves the last few weeks but we have become slightly obsessed with certain songs for no apparent reason (apart from their inherent goodness)
excluding the one that kelly likes purely because it annoys me.

first right, this has been in my mental top 5 best songs ever since it come out in like, the Dark Years. everyone thinks slightly less of me but i totes dont care:

ignored band for ages cos everyone we spoke to was like "theyre the new life without buildings" and i was liek SHUTUP then we played wit them and they were absolute aces and supernice, and nothing like life without buildings.. and nowineedadrumroll! is in my head every morning. almost to point of irritation, reclaimed by aces video.

srsly, life without buildings.

then, via alex, So Many Dynamos. pleasetourplz? pure aceness:


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