Monday, October 1, 2012

UK tour merch + you

Hello! Presenting to you, our October 2012 merch collection.

It's all limited runs and we're not going to get them till the weekend, so we've put a bunch on big cartel to avoid disappointing those who come and want to buy new merch (or the 45923987235 other places in the world we're not playing)

 Buy now and, and we'll send them out by the 8th October. Please don't shout when we get to yours in two weeks time and we're out of your size. Click on what you like, or go here to browse round our store. We have a couple of red shirts and one white left, and other fun stuff too. BUT IT'S NOT NEW AND EXCITING LIKE THIS IS:::

all funds, as ever, get pumped into the Americanadian Dream.

I (ghost) JF Tote Bag, Silver on Black

over-size crest print shirt, black on blue softstyle

Octobering the Edges, A3 UK tour poster
K cool. That concludes today's presentation. Thank you for your continued support, see you soon!



Anonymous said...

the jofo vs london mp3s cant be bought seperately from the poster, no? id love to get my hands on the audio goods at least, but you dont ship the poster out of the UK... that makes me a sad panda...

johnny foreigner said...

hey i just amended it, should ship everywhere now!

Anonymous said...


Mary J. Smith said...

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