Thursday, August 30, 2012

JF vs America and Canada. AmeriCanada?

Hi blogosphere!
You spoke, we responded: as part of our Get Johnny Foreigner To America And Canada cause, we present to you our I WORRY Rotunda tee, for which we are now taking pre orders. It's here! HERE! All money raised by the sale of these, as mentioned, will take us closer to fulfilling our gig commitments as well as our dreams of returning to Americaland and Canadaland. For which we are so freaking excited, you have no idea.

We also recorded our Vs London III show (and then rerecorded the the cover we messed up): this will be sold as a bundle with the vs London III poster which can be found at the link above but hey for the sake of ease, here it is once more! >> oh hi again!. To those in attendance...Firstly, thank yoouuus. The mp3 of this, as promised, will be sent to you, for free. Just send us your ticket confirmation email to and we shall mp3 you right up.

Other updates and news to follow soon! Excitttteeeeeeeeddddddd.
so much love
Lex, Kel, Jun and Lewes xxxx


Anonymous said...

Any chance of posting a link to buy just the mp3s and digital stuff? For those of us living where the poster dont ship to...

GhostFan said...

I give you money. You give me a t-shirt.

You come to my region of the Americas. I wear your t-shirt while you play.

This is the pact. I am sealing it with my Visa.

Rosiesjoy said...
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Drama in Action said...

So what do I have to do to get you to come down to Australia?