Wednesday, February 22, 2012

birmingham show details / we are whores

tour excitement! we have been rehearsing hard. we sort of have to cos our heater broke and its the only way to keep warm.
anyway. we are whores.

evidence 1)
we're never going to be one of those bands that cashes in on nostalgia like every other band i loved in the 90s, but we asked about shirt reprinting recently and this was such a winner that we're getting another batch done for tour. We'll put a few on the big cartel store when we get them tho.

evidence b)
The internet (you) asked us to play this song, right. we've never played it before, save for a few hours a few years ago separately recording all the bits. cos it's in the wrong key for our voices AND it has too many guitar parts and, yknow, we've written about 100000 songs since then. blergh.
as long as YOU'RE HAPPY THEN
rehearsal take,22/02/12 by johnny foreigner

hopefully by next week we'll have figured out harmonies properly instead of screaming over each other. I updated this post with ticket links and age restrictions of all the shows. how useful.

ANYWAY I DID COME ON HERE to waffle on about our next Birmingham show; in all the hubub we kinda forgot about promoting it up. OOOOPS.
so i made a poster out of lewe's cast offs and 10 mins with ms paint.

We Are The Physics:
Latest tracks by wearethephysics

Pandas and People

and Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam:

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam #1 from Andrew Bullock on Vimeo.

+ more fun stuff we'll come to presently. um, when i say fun, i kinda mean "using you to make a video", but the upside is you get to be in our video. also, can everyone bring torches. please. anwaysssssss; TICKETS HERE.

*** error, just noticed it says 14+ on the tickets. and it isn't, it's 18+. blergh. Get in touch if by any chance you brought a ticket and are too young to see our adult porno theatre, we'll refund you and recompense you in some other style***


Elie said...

I love it that you have actually learned an old b-side because your fans wanted you to. This is why you are my favourite band.

Rachel said...