Friday, July 22, 2011

weekend of fun and stuff!

well, i so should have posted this yesterday, but, we have a whole weekend worth of fun coming up, here are details lest you feel like, y'know, going out to awesome festivals

friday, off the cuff at the flapper, birmingham.
pandas and people, then shoes and socks off, then tubelord, then us. OMG is that ever the best thing ever. maybe if hot club replaced us. (l)over the weekend, pretty much everyones playing; saturday is dd/mm/yyyy and sunday is dana, with like, a million other awesome bands supporting. also, dominique james wots made our record is doing a solo set, go and niceheckle him. or on the saturday, you could go see algernon play in the afternoon somewhere, and calories and echo lake at the hare and hounds. i don't think our grey city has ever seen such an awesome selection of bands in such a short space of time. and its tonight! i need to change strings! and sleep!

saturday, westival, aldershot.
with support from freeze the atlantic and stagecoach and more and a floor made of astroturf. (l)over the weekend is also dana, the xcerts, our lost infantry, hold yr horse is. we kind of want to go to this too

sunday, tramlines, sheffield.
on the main stage under the futureheads and ash. ash's lighting guy is lighting us, THANKS TOM, and apparently the main stage is outside so yay. because sheffield is the second best city in the country, literally every band ever is playing at some point over the weekend, and its all totally free. jebus.

for one weekend only, let other countries be jealous of our scene. see you there!


Anonymous said...

hellz yea! wish human cloning was legal so i could go to all three! :(

crunchyspacemonster said...

Here in america, i'm jealous everyweekend D: