Friday, January 21, 2011

fsdhsghiodsgidhogv (kavs for lavs)

hi. thanks to everyone for being our online pr for th harriet video, tis awesome to see it spread but thats not why i'm here. ssssssssssssplurge::

there's this other common interview question, it came up today, what's yr musical guilty pleasure. and i always answer, i don't have any guilty pleasures. if i can get the same buzz from daisy dares you as from death cab, why is that something to be ashamed about? it's like slagging off gingers, its kinda pointless and playground, it's not like i'm forcing you to like the same noises as me. anyway, my theory is this:

if certain sequences of sounds stick in yr head, thats because some deep part of yr brain likes it. sometimes its the chorus from company calls and sometimes its the chorus from rosie, and yr reaction towards it is based purely on enforced tastes: one is an awesome treasured band, and one is a failed industry pop darling, but none of them words or opinions have anything to do with whatever it is that makes the song stick

ergo, no guilty pleasures. if you like something, then you like it. deal with it, let it be someone elses problem. this argument allows me to deflect any and all of kellys complaints when i play the ke$ha album, and also applies to any references to how much she used to like silverchair.

but then this thing happened to make me question my beliefs. it probably happened to everyone in the UK who thought this way, at about the same time:

if you havnt heard that before, we'll you'll probably remember from now on. I think the people that wrote this jingle are evil geniuseses. I don't drive, i barely watch tv, my brain has no reason to embed this aside from its pure horrible catchyness. i hate it. not only cos it's like graffiti carved MY OWN FUCKING MIND, but because of the awesome potential wasted. imagine, you have the power, some kind of massive perverse anti-musical skill, to create a jingle/melody/song/whatever this is that will stick in everyone's brain from now until they die, and the four word message you choose is about secondhand fucking cars. It's the sonic equivilant of sending a first contact probe to outerspace with, well, WE BUY ANY CAR sprayed on the side.

I'm clearly a less financially successful lyricist than webuyanycar ltd (srs) and i wish i had that magic to wield for more righteous reasons. there's a new advert running on telly now, a different phrase and different jingle, but possibly even more evil and sticky than the last. i can feel it crawling around inside my head looking for somewhere prominent to hang out forever. i totally don't want to search for it in case any more of the words (there are more words this time) rape my ears. anyway i read popjustice for the first time this year, i usually agree with pretty much everything they write and this was one of their worst songs of 2010

right, apart from the completely stupid middle8 which sounds like someone just accidently leant against pitchwheel and didn't tell her, i really like this song. i would genuinely rather hear this over deerhoof and i think i should be totally worried about that.



Jay Breitling said...

"Company Calls" = the bomb.

Anonymous said...

That Daisy Dares You tune sounds like a chart-pop version of a JoFo song. To me anyways.

Anonymous said...

go compare.