Wednesday, April 29, 2009


so, assuming that we get the last tours tour support through this week and lea can fix our van to m.o.t. standards, then next month we go back on tour around lovely engerland. like, a proper headliney tour with new tshirts and gigs where we're contractually obliged to play for more than 30 mins. yay!

here's some dates (of it)

official johnny foreigner feels like summer tour 2009

7th may, sheffield fuzz club, with tubelord
8th may, derby rockhouse, with tubelord (14+)
9th may, hull club nme @ welly, with tubelord
10th may, day off, rubbish
11th may, bristol cooler, with tubelord and oxygen thief (14+)
12th may, southampton joiners, with calories and copy haho (14+)
13th may, brrmnghmmm victoria, with calories and copy haho
14th may, kingston new slang, with super-tennis and youves
15th may, leicester sumo, with tubelord and copy haho
16th may, brighton great escape festival, DiS showcase, with idlewild
17th may, manchester deaf institute, with copy haho and calories
18th may, london flowerpot (camden) *special FREE show* (see below)
19th may, another day off, psssssssh
20th may, liverpool soundcity at the barfly, with hot club de paris and tubelord and calories (14+)
21st may, york fibbers, with calories and copy haho (14+)
22nd may, wakefield escobar, with copy haho and runaround kids (16+)
23rd may, newport meze lounge, with copy haho and calories
24th may, northampton roadmender3, with copy haho and calories

note how we're playing with awesome bands yeh?

plz note, brighton and liverpool, idlewild and hot club are th headliners and we're just tagging along. cos they won the toss, thats how it works, see. sorry to everyone on the rest of the planet, we'll get to you next.
also yeh, since yr here and obviously captivated by my writing style (ripped wholesale from amiga power circa 1994, natch) we tried really fucking hard to make the whole tour 14+. failed, obviously, but even getting this many shows has been hassle. so, if you live somewhere we can play and know of such a night then get in touch with/get them to touch us. and if you don't, then either start something yrself or stop whinging and run away to southhampton.
given the amount of money bands make off underage shows (lots) and 18+ shows (not lots), it seems slightly retarded that there arent more places in england bands can play without becoming entangled in a law about alcohol. but there you go...

right, londons, since yr so obviously better than everywhere else, this is what you get:

we're playing this place called the flowerpot in camden, just us, and its free in IF you sign up to our rejuvenated mailing list. theres no catches or nowt, this is purely an illdisguised ploy on our part to bump up the number of people we can spam with gig details and release news and stuff.

but if you want to come watch us play then yr probly intrested in things like that, right? unless yr a mental who just wants to come stare at kelly some. anywaysss, to sign up and get the secret password (or something), put yr emil in th box on this page right here. those of you with eyes will notice that this is th fledgling baby of a new website being made by Professhonal Compuetor Exprots for us. dont look at the rest of it! it's not finished! if you look we can't be friends anymore.

k, more propaganda soon..



Jay Breitling said...

Please put the tour shirts up for sale at your merch dealy place on the Interzizzles for us unfortunate Americans, Aussies, Kiwis, Africans, Icelanders &c &c who can't get to the shows yeh?

Anonymous said...

*patiently waits for inevitable JoFo aussie breakthrough*

also, we need details on the new record!!! please.

alexei said...
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eden! said...

you could come play lancaster library! that's all ages

John Rotko said...

Hi, I'm visiting from the U.S. and signed up for the free show but it says you'll let me know "IF" I win tickets ? Would like to know if everyone wins tickets or if I should just make arrangements to see you in York...

Veee said...

err I think I signed the mailing list,but did have no confirmation email,and the site doesn't seem to work atm...(massive technology fail.Welcome to my world)
and and aaaaaaand awesome new merch!!!:p

Jay Breitling said...

Thankserrzzz! Chloe is prepping for an appearance on an inevitable JoFo Nevermind/1984-referencing album cover. Indie baby monster eats ghost, perhaps?

alexei said...

right, this isnt the most eloquent way of replying but

anonymous, we would love to go to australia. in music buisness terms (cost to get to vs amount of records sold) its a total no, but hopefully we'll luck out at some point. death to the appel gerls.

eden, we cant play in a library cos we talk loads between songs and would thus get banned.

john rotko, i think it says win just in case too many people sign up and we have to do a pot luck draw. which would be rubbish, if unlikely. i'll make sure yr in. but you should come to york too.

veee, hello! yr not supposed to use it for mailinglist yet, just for this LDN show. so, maybe it knows yr in a different country. or maybe i've shitted something up quite badly, i dunno.

samcolson said...

Got my tickets for The Cooler show :D

Veee said...

ha okies - actually hope i didn't win,I leave the UK on the 17th!:(
@ John Rotko : yeah,go to York anyway,seeing JoFo twice in a week isn't a bad thing!:)


Veee said...

and Hello back !:)x

eden! said...

alexei, they wouldn't mind.

K-E-L-L-I-E said...

Im so annoyed, I could of gone to Hull Welly Gig and York, If it wasnt in exam time. Badtimes. xo